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You see, there are lots of proposed solutions for cleaning your dog’s teeth — but most of them don’t work. Chew toys are designed for fun and do not have cleaning ability.

Chew bones are also not a solution — they might actually shear the tartar and drive it into the gums, making gingivitis worse. The Dog Toothbrush is not a real chew toy, but a real toothbrush designed to remove tartar and plaque.


It’s even been recommended by vets. In a nutshell, it’s a large rubber cylinder with really soft rubber bristles on the side. As your dog chews it and bites it, the bristles clean the dog’s teeth all the way to the gum line.

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360 Degree Cleaning

  • Your pup will stay captivated for hours as she chews soft, yet durable rubber.
  • Deep grooves are flanked with specially shaped bristles that massage the gums while effectively chipping away at plaque and tartar in hard to reach places.
  • Daily use ensures teeth are thoroughly polished and gums are strengthened for optimal health.

A Tasty Treat

  • The bristles of the Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy are meat flavored for a deliciously indulgent experience.
  • Dogo thinks it’s a “treat” while her teeth are cleaned, gums massaged and chewing strengthens for a thorough dental session.
  • The taste and texture are perfect for teething puppies or dogs with a destructive chewing habit.



Convenient & Affordable

  • Forget wrestling those jaws open while trying to scrub your pooch’s sharp teeth. With the Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy, you can check one more pet responsibility off the list.
  • Say goodbye to costly dental treatments. Your dog will happily settle down with her favorite toy while you can go about your daily business knowing her dental hygiene is taken care of.

Customer Reviews

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Kayleigh Renner

The toy quickly arrived and the dog quite like it. Rubber is quite dense, until it is gnawed and it pleases)

Rebeca Towne

We just got it and, besides durillo and bonito, my bitch won't let it go.

Pamela Simonis

Of good rubber, which is very happy! My beagle gnawes absolutely all the toys, but this only bit a little bit in 1 and a half weeks of use! Usually we have enough rubber toys for 15 minutes .. In Samara came in a couple of weeks of everything. Thank you to the seller for the quality and fast delivery.

Hannah Greenholt

Product equal to description. Looks good quality. Wine with toothbrush for gift finger. He arrived pretty quickly to Spain. I recommend it!

Estrella Runolfsson

I love it!I put peanut butter abd freeze it and its a great brain challenge for your dog!It comes with a high quality toothbrush!If you buy 2 of these it also comes with a toothbrush and some toys!