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Bring the starry, night sky right into your own home with this AWESOME Space Projector Lamp! 

This Space Projector Lamp emits colorful star and crescent moon shapes on your walls and ceilings, turning a room into a surreal planetarium. It will show the twinkling stars on the ceiling, closer and reachable. You can watch the stars with your babies quietly, telling the story about the universe, about cosmos, humming the nursery rhyme to make the child go to sweet sleep by patting him gently on the back.

With this baby/child night light projector, you and your kids can enjoy lying under the stars watching the vividly colored, celestial show as they twinkle and swirl around the room. So close you'll want to reach out and touch them!

So many color options available! Using the color control you can choose between one or multiple colors all at once, depending on your mood! With a 360-degree rotation feature, the stars are sure to mesmerize people of all ages. Projector Lamps come in your choice of Blue, Purple and Pink and they make a perfect gift for girls and boys!

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Note: This Lamp Requires  4 AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Customer Reviews

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Better than I imagined!

This is the best image night light I have bought yet my daughter absolutely loves it! I was expecting a minimal amount of light like the last few I had purchased that broke, but this night light covers the entire ceiling and all walls with lights, colors, and movement. The lights are calm colors that are still comfortable to sleep with. It works so well that when I leave the doors open I can even see the stars in my room across the hall through the doorway. I reccoment this to anyone with kids that have trouble sleeping in the dark or just need something to watch to put them calmly to sleep.

Zakenyia Simmons

Can be as busy or mild as you like. My 5yr old loves her light and the different settings we get to choose from.


It is beautiful and it has many color combinations. My son loves being able to pick the colors for the night.

B. McCarthy

Bought this for my daughter's room. She had one when she was like 1yo but she broke it. She's been having a difficult time sleeping/staying in her own bed at bedtime so I bought another to help. She's 3 now. She picks her color and I think it helps relax her and ease's her into sleep instead of it just being dark.

Allene D'Amore

just as pictured it has different settings colors rotates PERFECT for the price! thank you seller!