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Prevent Clogs & Keep Drain Pipes Clear & Odour-Free!!

If you've ever experienced a smelly, clogged, backed up or slow moving drain then you know just how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. The problem is, taking the drain apart to clean the trap yourself can be messy and difficult and hiring a professional plumber is expensive.

Introducing Sani Sticks, the super concentrated, drain cleaning and sanitation sticks designed to help stop clogs and bad odours before they happen so your drains stay clear and odour-free all year long.

The secret behind Sani Sticks is the concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that are formulated to help break down food, grease and other organic materials so water keeps flowing and your pipes stay clean and odour-free.

Sani Sticks are safe for plumbing and septic tanks and work on all drains including:

  • Kitchen sink drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Bathtub and shower drains
  • Utility sink drains
  • Mop sink drains
  • And anywhere else you want to keep water flowing without plugged pipes and embarrassing odors


  • ONE STICK IS ALL IT TAKES: Made with powerful, natural enzymes, each Sani Stick slowly releases a super concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that will eliminate organic deposits and grease build up for 30 days. Just one Sani Stick a month is all that is needed.
  • SAFE TO USE ANYWHERE: Because these odour eliminating drain sticks are non-toxic and use enzymes to clean, they are safe to use in all drains from the bathroom to the kitchen.
  • MONEY SAVER: Avoid embarrassing smells and nasty water build up all while saving time and money. Rather than hiring a plumber or purchasing drain snakes, simply insert one stick a month into all your drains to keep water flowing and drains smelling fresh.
  • SMART CLEANING: Sani Sticks cleaner, deodorizer and clog preventer are a powerful, safe and efficient way to eliminate embarrassing, foul odours from drains and helps to prevent clog backups in sinks and showers. Its non-toxic formula is gentle and safe on septic tanks and is available in multiple scents and count varieties.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Sani Sticks drain deodorizer and cleaners are thin, cylindrical and only 6.3 inches long making them ideal for homes and businesses. 100% safe for all types of plumbing, the stick rests in the pipe-trap and slowly releases a blend of enzymes that break down food, grease, oil and other organic materials.
  • 12 Stick in 1 pack

Here’s How Sani Sticks Work:

When you drop a Sani Stick in the drain, it falls and rests in the pipe trap. Then as water flows through the pipe, it passes over the Sani Stick and triggers the slow release of a concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that keep drains clear and fresh. Everything happens automatically, all you have to do is drop it in any drain in your home once a month.

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Customer Reviews

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minjing wang
Great Sticks

Our bathroom had a really bad smell and we tried a few things like bleach in the drain and other cleaners, but these drain sticks did the job. Now smell gone and drain clear, I will buy them again


So far so great! The sink in my bathroom is always clogged- it takes several minutes to empty and it drives me nuts. I find myself using liquid drain cleaner frequently which is bad for the pipes and very toxic. This is so easy to use- just drop it in! I’m only on my first month of use, but I can already see a difference. For some reason this sink starts draining slowly a day or two after I manually clean it. This time I cleaned it and dropped the stick in. It’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s still draining like a normal sink, which is truly incredible! I can’t believe how easy it is. Another bonus is that it’s packaged in way that makes it very easy to remember when to change it, however I still set a monthly reminder in my phone!

These Works

My dad wanted these for his bathtub drain I couldn’t find them in any stores but thekarter has them and they work now his bathroom drain is working better again


this has eliminated clogs and odor from our bathroom sink drains

Nikolaya Yalamova

Great product! Easy to use just put a stick in the drain and forget about it. I like that it has the months on the packaging that way you have a reminder when you need to put one in.