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For animal lovers everywhere, pet hair and the removal of it are just a natural occurrence in life! It's just one of those minor inconveniences that we accept as a part of life as a pet owner. But it doesn't have to be an annoying and time consuming task! Introducing, the Pet Hair Cleaner! It features a slight bony pit pattern which effectively picks up every last pet hair (even those penetrated deep into carpets and sofas) and collects them for cleaning! Unlike vacuum cleaners, it doesn't require electricity which makes it a much better and more cost-effective alternative.

Just wipe it repeatedly on the fabric until all the pet hair, even those not visible to the eye, comes to the surface.

  • To remove pet hair, gently wipe the furniture's surface with the Pet Hair Cleaner and the pet hair is brought to the surface for easy removal. It's as easy as that and it's general service life is up to one year.
  • The effect can be more significant if it's used to clean the relatively long hair of animals such as that of a cat or Shiba dog.
  • Hairs are likely to stick to the brush due to static electricity in winter. To solve this problem, just wet the product with a little spray, and the hair can be removed easily thereafter.
  • The surface of the product will get dry and rough if it's left idle for a long period of time. If this happens, simply grind the dry surface off to restore the cleaner to its original state. 


  • 97x 97x20 (mm) Foam Rubber made nonelectric pet hair vacuum
  • Removes the smallest pet hair with just rubbing
  • Remove hair from cleaner using a wet brush
  • Grind off the surface to reuse if it dries (Reuseable for 1 year)
  • Available in blue color with a cute pet stamp

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Customer Reviews

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Betsy Rath

Good sponge. Collects wool from the sofa, from soft seats. The only thing is that the wool is going to rollers, and it still has to be cleaned in addition. But still convenient.

Rosalyn Durgan

Wool collects recommend

Myles Kling

Fast & Fine - excellente Idea to send severals orders in one packet

Kirstin Koss

Is working

Sarina Fay

Delivery fast, has not yet used