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Building a fort is the best game ever and this playhouse makes it even more exciting!

The top-quality sticks are easy to assemble and disassemble and allow kids to construct whatever pops into their heads.

They can role-play all day in a funky igloo or a classic house, sail the seven seas in a pirate ship, or zoom to the moon in a rocket! And when darkness falls (and they should be tucked up in bed) they can sneak off to play in their amazing glowing fort!

Purchase add-on sets and there'll be no limit to what they can create. This is a high quality-made set.


  • Easy to Build & Durable: Fort building kit for kids made with solid and premium plastic, simply insert and twist the rods into the balls, builder connect in a few seconds and easily disassemble, which are both durable,easy to build and quickly disassembled.
  • Multiple Play Modes: Our kid's ultimate forts builder kits is designed for child aged 4 and up, they can build a cave, play tent, rocket, house, igloo, princess castle, tunnel, teepee, toy tents, pirate ship, just add a bed sheet to create a hideaway.
  • Inspire Kids Ability: Building a fun fort is a great way of improving a child’s (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. Kids would focus their thoughts on creating the perfect fort, which helps to improve imagination, problem-solving.
  • Promotes Team-Building Skills: Working with other kids helps promote teambuilding skills and how to work with others. It can even be something the whole family does together, and can be done indoor or outdoor, making this a great group activity.

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Customer Reviews

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We Love it!

My kids absolutely love it. They had so much fun creating different forts and rockets. Great quality! The best part is that it’s fun and it’s educational.

S.R Dennis
So much fun! We bought two!!

Bought these for my 3 year old son to build forts with his older siblings. We have 4 kids ages 3,4,8,11. They love this sooo much! We loved it so much we got 2. Lol. It was a little confusing at 1st to line everything up right and to figure out how to build certain things but thats the fun of it. To learn. To build. To have fun. The product is durable. The bags they came in are very nice! I love having them to store them in when they are all finished playing. We use a dark sheet to put over the fort after building it. It can hold a blanket but the sheet seems to be better. They are always building something and camping out in our living room. Lol. The product arrived in 9 days. Well packaged and ready to go! Heck. My husband and I love these things and build with the kids all the time. Haha

Great STEM toy!

This set is really cool! It was a gift for 5 years old and it's just perfect for that age, and for older kids ,and for the rest of the family:)))) There are so many things of different shapes and kinds, kids can build out of this. We like this educational building set a lot, my kids spend hours playing with it!

So fun!! Game changer!!

My kids are 10 & 11 and still like to build forts using ALL of the things: Blankets, chairs, paperweights, ect. This created a lot of laundry at the end of the day and I always felt my house was in disarray. Where did my office chair go??... oh. Why do we only have three dining room chairs??.. oh. Where is my 'couch' blanket?... I didn't want to steal any joy from them, they were good kids keeping themselves entertained but I was going crazy. Then I found this concept. I researched reviews between other like sets and decided on this on because of the amount of pieces AND the length of the poles AND the quality. I don't have any regrets and my kids and I are SO much happier building forts this way. Thanks The karter!

Little Lady
balls are perfect, sticks are on the weak side

I went with this brand because the balls looked to be better than some of the others that used foam balls. The balls on this one are great! They will definitely hold up over time. BUT they are a bit heavy for the sticks and it makes the structures a lot weaker than expected, and I don't see the sticks holding up for very long. Some of the holes seem to be much tighter than others, but nothing too terrible. Even making sure there are solid bases it is very wobbly. There is no way to make diagonal lines within the squares to try to make some areas sturdier. We have some thin blankets that I thought we would be able to use- but definitely not. And these are super thin blankets that really don't have much weight to them at all.