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What's the best part about dominoes? Of course, knocking them over!

Tired of manually setting up your dominoes course? Rack them up and Knock them Down!

With this motorized Automatic Domino Brick Laying Toy Train Set With Box, setting up your dominoes is easier than ever! Featuring 60 domino pieces and one motorized train, this domino train toy aims to provide fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. This new dominoes toys can chug your way into a super fun moment!

A motorized train that works like magic, the Automatic Domino Brick Laying Toy Train is the most leading and in demand toys nowadays. It is a classic and fun set dominoes up on end automatically as is chugged across the floor. Fill the cartridge and start the train to lay your domino trail by pushing it down onto the dominoes Attach the cartridge to the top of the train and switch the train on!  Turn the train’s funnel to steer left and right. 

As the train moves forward, it will deposit the standing dominoes in a row.  Reload the cartridge when empty, turn on the train and continue until you have used all the dominoes.

Customer Reviews

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Maiya Fahey

Don't worry, it's worth it.

Elmo Langosh

Super ...............

Kathlyn Sawayn

works great

Noah Orn

I was so surprised because it came in like a week. awesome product. dings every time it places a domino. really cool.

Domingo Klocko

It works well arrived pretty fast Thanks