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Easy tearing, pulling, turning and twisting for anything you crave!

This unique Opener opens 6 DIFFERENT SEALS AND LIDS. It has a hidden blade that zips open bags and a clamp that opens safety seals. For beverages use the pull tab opener, pops off a bottle cap, or opens screw caps.

It can also be used for opening jar lids. Gray with red accents, it is durable, has a comfort grip and is dishwasher safe.


  • Human body engineering mechanics design can open a variety of bottle caps
  • Safe and environmental protection, labor-saving and effortless
  • Convenient to receive, durable and not easy to wear
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, outstanding texture, and hard work
  • Curved handle design, the hand feels comfortable, improve grip force, easy to open the cover
  • The maximum opening is greater than 90 degrees and can open large cans
  • Inside the opener, TPR rubber is used, which has a large friction force and easily unscrewed a variety of cans. 
  • The bottom of the opener has a blade that can easily cut through the plastic bag

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Customer Reviews

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Gigi Leung
Should have bought this a long time ago!

Had a free rubber grip from one of those conference handouts and loved it but somehow lost it. Struggled with bottles ever since and got a few bottle openers that look like a wrench but sometimes they work and mostly don't. Saw the good reviews and bought these and wow! That's all I can say. Opened a bottle of oyster juice with no effort at all. It works better even than the free one. I wish I got these a long time ago and would recommend this to anyone (especially you single ladies out there like I was)!

Kristen B.

These work great!! Just as intended. I’m not really sure what some people were complaining about. I have small hands and most times I just can’t get a good enough grip on a jar or bottle as I don’t have enough “hand leverage” over the container. Sometimes I will hold one on the bottom of the jar and use one to twist off the lid for better control if it’s a tougher jar to open. They work great - every time and you don’t have to be Hercules to open a jar.


I've used the teepee shaped soda bottle opener more than anything else, and it is a big help. Not quite as good as my husband, but helpful! You still need a little muscle to open larger containers with the flat openers, but at least you won't tear up your hands.